Traffic Leads 2 Income Conference Reminder!

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Training Sunday 2/13/11 9:30 PM EST!
Downline Builder Updates!

Training Sunday 2/13/11 9:30 PM EST!

We will again be talking about tracking and it’s importance!

Hope to see you there!

Here are the details I received from Rob Gehring

When: Sunday, February 13th at 9:30pm EST


*You must attend this Sunday to get your Free gifts

OK, let me put you at ease.

You won’t have to pay anything. You
won’t need your credit card, and you
won’t even have to start a
trial subscription to get your Free

So put your wallet or purse away, go
grab your favorite beverage and relax.

Ready? Relaxed? OK, then let’s
continue. :-)

Here’s your new TrafficLeads2Income

Comments are welcome….

Again, see you at the BIG conference
Sunday at 9:30pm est:,66674025

Thanks for your support!

Rob Gehring
Admin-Owner of TrafficLeads2Income
Skype:   rob.gehring


Well, the 1st of the new enhancements is in place! If you have commissions due
you can click on the “Commissions” tab in the members area and convert your
commissions to Credits/Banners/Texts and even do 1x upgrades as well!

I mentioned above a new mod that will allow you to do several things & will be
in place as soon as I can get the programmer on it!

- List your referrals
- Highlight upgraded members
- Show your downline surf activity
- Show your downline’s referrals
- Show your downline member’s status
- Allow you to transfer credits to downline members
- Allow you to mail your downline (but keeps email addy’s private)

R U Chatting? I know some of you are… I am still evaluating the LFMTE mod and
will wait to make any changes until they have a chance to tweak some things…
There are a couple of chat mods out there that I have been looking at as well
so we will see what happens! For now this is much better than what we had before
which was no chat!

*** Welcome to the Skype Room for those that just made it!

It is also a place to meet and interact with other members and other owners and
I sometimes post unadvertised specials and the skype group always gets a heads
up on what is happening first ;0)

You can join by going to the “Lucid Support Area”.

Hope to See ya soon!
Downline Builder Updates!

If you haven’t visited the Downline Builder lately then you are missing out on
adding your Affiliate ID’s to some great programs that were just added!

I Love Hits – (Traffic Exchanges)
Prospect Geyser – (Safelists & Viral Listbuilders)
StartXchange – (Traffic Exchanges)
Chess Ads – (Traffic Exchanges)
Downline Builder Direct – (Safelists & Viral Listbuilders)
Click-Track-Profits – (Safelists & Viral Listbuilders)
Traffic Showdown – (Traffic Exchanges)

Traffic Swirl – (Traffic Exchanges)

Have you seen the page DA Riley (1MS) did for Traffic Swirl? Very Cool!

*** I will be adding more programs soon so it is always a good idea to check the
DLB often to ensure you have your Id’s added…!

*(please remember to join and/or add your id’s)

Lucid Leads is listed at TE Command Post!

Please login to TE Command Post and enter Lucid Leads as one of the Exchanges
that you track… That will help you keep track of your credits etc… and also
help Lucid get on the front page!

(Lucid keeps moving up… Thanks to you!)
As Always Have A Great Day!


Eric Holzwarth
Lucid Leads Owner/Admin
Skype me:   erholz

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