Lucid Referral Contest Update Plus A Surf Code!

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Referral Contest Update!
Surf Code (SPECIAL)!
Downline Builder Updates!

Referral Contest Update!

Here is a brief refresher for the new members…
Start day = 12/6/2010 and runs till Lucid reaches 1000 members.

Rules & Qualifications

Basically you can use whatever marketing tactics you want As
Long As It Is Legal (no spamming and no paid to join crap)!

Qualifications are easy just a minimum of 15 points (see below)

Scoring for the Contest

1 point for Free referrals

2 points for referrals that purchase a credit package
(ie. 1x purchase of 1000 credits)

3 points for Upgraded referrals (Silver or Gold upgrade,
an OTO upon joining or ugrade during the contest)


1st  - 50.00
2nd  - 30.00
3rd  - 20.00
4th  - 5000 credits
5th  - 4000 credits
6th  - 3000 credits
7th  - 2000 credits
8th  - 1000 credits
9th  -  750 credits
10th –  500 credits

Contest Standings so far…

Top 8


janetlegere (70 points and just keeps pouring on the heat…)


**ME** ([53 points but gaining]I only count referrals through my referral link)


speedy (30 points… Nice Job!)


memmorex (14 points moving up… 1 point away from qualifying!)


oschko (late entry and coming on with 8 points)

#6 (tie)

ourdream4u (7 points)
Prodoc (7 points)


ghcamry (6 points)

Several at 3 & 4 points so plenty of time for some movement…!

Keep it up!

I will also throw in other prizes/incentives along the way (like the member
that refers member #900, 950 etc.. will get a special prize)… Lucid
Leads currently has 862 members so the special prize for the member that

Member #850 – $1.00 plus 100/200/200 (credits/banner/text)

… was **ME** Referrer (so I will double the award for the 900th member…)

So… The person that refers member #900 will receive…

$2.00 + 200/400/400 (credits/banner/text)!!!

I will keep track of points etc… and periodically put contest updates
into the member mailings (like this one)…

Thanks for being a Lucid Member and Good Luck!

Surf Code (SPECIAL)!

Just go to the “Promo/Surf Code” area enter the code (copy & paste works best):


and then proceed to surf 100 pages. Remember you have to enter the surf code
prior to surfing“! When you complete the requirements… you will automatically
receive 25/50/100! Everybody that uses the code gets a prize!

If you have already surfed or are surfing now… you may want to stop and
enter the CODE and then resume!

I will extend this code through tomorrow (note – you may only redeem it once)!


I will have a series of cool new features coming up soon but didn’t want this
update to be too long… lol I know too late! I will announce them as they come!

*** Welcome to the Skype Room for those that just made it!

It is also a place to meet and interact with other members and other owners and
I sometimes post unadvertised specials and the skype group always gets a heads
up on what is happening first ;0)

You can join by going to the “Lucid Support Area”.

Hope to See ya soon!
Downline Builder Updates!

There are 2 new additions to the DLB:

Viral Mail Profits – (Safelists & Viral Listbuilders)
Autopilot Downlines – (Safelists & Viral Listbuilders)

Yeah Lucid is listed at Traffic Exchange List

Lucid Leads is also listed at TE Command Post!

Please login to TE Command Post and enter Lucid Leads as one of the Exchanges
that you track… That will help you keep track of your credits etc… and also
help Lucid get on the front page!

(Lucid keeps moving up… Thanks to you!)
As Always Have A Great Day!


Eric Holzwarth
Lucid Leads Owner/Admin
Skype me:   erholz

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