Lucid Members… KEH & Birthday Promo Winners!

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Lucid + KEH & Eric’s B’day Surf Promo Results!
Downline Builder Updates!


Lucid + KEH & Eric’s B’day Surf Promo Results!

Special Thanks to Jonathan Hayes over at Knockout Extreme Hits for partnering
with Lucid Leads for a fun Surf Promo on May 29th! 

There were several surfers at Lucid, However, very few also surfed KEH so a
number of prizes were not awarded…

Here are the Promo Results!

1 Winner of a 1 week startpage at Lucid Leads!

Debi Konnerth

1 Winner of $2.50!

Nichole Bell

1 Winner of $2.00!

Larry Duke

Thanks for helping me celebrate my Birthday!

Prizes have been awarded!=======================================================

*** Welcome to the Lucid Skype Room for those that just made it!

It is also a place to meet and interact with other members and other owners and
I sometimes post unadvertised specials and the skype group always gets a heads
up on what is happening first ;0)

You can join by going to the “Lucid Support Area”.

Have you Checked Out Krave? Lucid Leads is a participating TE Partner at Krave…
I opened up a group there for Lucid Leads! Not a
member of The Krave Social Network yet?

The Krave Social Network

Check it out and after you join:


Please join the Lucid group while you are there!

Hope to See ya soon!
Downline Builder Updates!

There are NEW additions to the DLB:

*** I will be adding more programs and I always try to put out a notice first but
it is a good idea to check the DLB often to ensure you have your Id’s added…!

*(please remember to join and/or add your id’s)

Yeah Lucid is listed at Traffic Exchange List!

Lucid Leads is listed at TE Command Post!
(TE Command Post is in the DLB as well and is a great resource)

Please login to TE Command Post and enter Lucid Leads as one of the Exchanges
that you track… That will help you keep track of your credits etc… and also
help Lucid get on the front page!

(Lucid keeps moving up… Thanks to you!)

As Always Have A Great Day!Eric 

Eric Holzwarth

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