Lucid Leads Updates – Special Code Inside!

Today’s Topics

Check Out Fastwave (Incentive)!
Referral Contest Update!
Holiday Specials (Continued through the 1st)!
Special Holiday Surf Code!
Downline Builder Updates (new program just added)!

Check Out Fastwave!

Fastwave is a low cost hosting and domain registry company with a TWIST!

Here is the hosting & domain registration part…

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Support (Personal Support/Training & Coaching)


(They will help you make your 1st site and help with minor customization)!

DOT Coms starting @ 8.88/year or less…

FastWave Host is the place to be for hosting your web site. You can
join the FastWave force and make some money promoting the business or
you can just sign up for the hosting with the personal touch. You will
enjoy unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and a support staff that
will handle your web site maintenance issues with a smile.

Here is the Fastwave TWIST part… The Share and Earn Opportunity

$10 per “Wave” (every 15 days) Pay Out After Every Wave
Earn 12.5% on Direct Referrals, Every Wave!
Up to 12.5% Paid Out on your ENTIRE Downline

Share, Learn & Earn

- Easy Comp Plan to Understand
- Earn “Extra Surfer” Positions
- Unlimited Potential
- Residual Income

Here is the truth…

You can find hosting for less money but the support and assistance can be
another story altogether… for a couple bucks a month more you can get real
support and assistance with getting your site up and running quickly! People
need hosting and many need help getting things set up properly… That’s why
the ongoing personal support, training & coaching is included…

Check out some of the other hosting providers affiliate program and then
compare that to Fastwave’s… big difference!

I still feel that GVO is the best bang for the buck (as an all-in-one package)
that you can find based on all the tools you get for the price… However, if
you need hosting (or know others that do!)… give Fastwave a good hard look!

Fastwave has also agreed to let people join for free and not require payment
until after the first of the year… So if you want to be involved in the
affiliate part… then you have a few days to promote before payment is due!

If you choose to join Fastwave (and since you are getting advanced notice…
of a ground floor opportunity… why wouldn’t you join for free?) I will give
you a special bonus of 100 credits!

After you join, Just shoot me a support ticket (Ask Admin button is under the
Lucid Support tab in the members area menu) and let me know your affiliate link
for Fastwave and your Lucid ID# and I will send you a bonus code that will
automatically credit your account with your bonus!

Referral Contest Update!

Here is a brief refresher for the new members…
Start day = 12/6/2010 and runs till Lucid reaches 1000 members.

Rules & Qualifications

Basically you can use whatever marketing tactics you want As
Long As It Is Legal (no spamming and no paid to join crap)!

Qualifications are easy just a minimum of 15 points (see below)

Scoring for the Contest

1 point for Free referrals

2 points for referrals that purchase a credit package
(ie. 1x purchase of 1000 credits)

3 points for Upgraded referrals (Silver or Gold upgrade,
an OTO upon joining or ugrade during the contest)


1st  - 50.00
2nd  - 30.00
3rd  - 20.00
4th  - 5000 credits
5th  - 4000 credits
6th  - 3000 credits
7th  - 2000 credits
8th  - 1000 credits
9th  -  750 credits
10th –  500 credits

Contest Standings so far…

Top 3


**ME** (I only count the referrals from my refurl ID…)







Keep it up!

I will also throw in other prizes/incentives along the way (like member that
refers member #750, 800, 850 etc.. will get a special prize)… Lucid currently
has 542 members so the next special prize will go to the member that refers…

Member #550 – $1.00 plus 100/200/200 (credits/banner/text)

I will keep track of points etc… and periodically put contest updates
into the member mailings (like this one)…

Thanks for being a Lucid Member and Good Luck!

Holiday Specials!

I just started rotating some login offers you should see one every login…
there is a monthly and a quarterly Holiday Specials (and some credit packages
deals) if you don’t get the one you want then just log off and log on again…
or wait till the next time you visit… specials will run through 1/1/11

Special Holiday Surf Code!

Here is a Surf Code that you can use prior to surfing at Lucid… (You are going
to be surfing anyway so why wouldn’t you want to use the code?) When you log into
Lucid Leads you will see a menu button named “Promo Code” Just click on that and
enter the code:


Then surf 100 pages and you will automatically receive 100/100/100!


Welcome to the Skype Room for those that just made it!

I would love to have you join us in the Skype room! We have had some lively
discussions lately and because there are other TE owners in there it is a
great place to interact and get to know them and join in on the discussions!

It is also a place to meet and interact with other members and just encase
you haven’t figured this part out yet… most of what we want to accomplish
online requires social interaction and relationship building!

Here is a free tip. The other owners and I sometimes post unadvertised specials
and the skype group always gets a heads up on what is happening first ;0)

You can join and check it out by going to the Lucid
Support Area (lower left menu).

Hope to See ya soon!

Downline Builder Updates!

If you haven’t visited the Downline Builder lately then you are missing out on
adding your Affiliate ID’s to some great programs that were just added!

Quit Your Job Course – (Traffic Tools/Web Tools & Training)

TrafficWave – (Traffic Tools/Web Tools & Training)

Traffic-Fusion – (Traffic Exchanges

Raining Traffic – (Traffic Exchanges)

Quick List Profits – (Safelists & Viral Listbuilders)

Samurai Hits – (Traffic Exchanges)

TE Club – (Traffic Exchanges)

Fastwave – (Traffic Tools/Web Tools & Training)

*(please remember to join and/or add your id’s)

Lucid Leads is listed at TE Command Post!

Please login to TE Command Post and enter Lucid Leads as one of the Exchanges
that you track… That will help you keep track of your credits etc… and also
help Lucid get on the front page!

(Lucid keeps moving up… Thanks to you!)

As Always Have A Great Day!


Eric Holzwarth
Lucid Leads Owner/Admin
Skype me:   erholz

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